Air Cooled Heat Exchangers


A freshly maintained system can reduce energy costs by up to 37%,
and can increase cooling efficency by up to 30%

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger – Fin Tube


Decrease operating pressures and tempratures and help
prevent equipment downtime and failure.

Heat Exchanger upgrades, maintenance, cleaning, & performance testing


Our our technicians come equipped with all the tools and knowledge
to service your operation.

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An unavoidable problem for many industrial plant operations, that severely effects production and profitability, is restricted air flow to air cooled heat exchanger fin fan assemblies. This is caused by air borne debris and other pollutants. Dirty exchanger bundles reduce the cooling efficiency of heat exchangers which prevents the equipment from performing at an optimal level. The result is lost production, which equals lost profit.

Our Specialties

Camtech Construction Inc. specializes in Aerial Cooled Heat Exchanger (ACHE) cleaning and maintenance in the following areas:

Project Planning and Scheduling
Fabrication, Installation and Maintenance
Mechanical and Chemical Cleaning

Air cooled heat exchanger Maintenance

Preventative maintenance pays for itself. Energy savings can be calculated with astonishing accuracy. When clean heat exchangers perform at their designed specifications, fans can be turned off or reduced to half-power. It has been proven that there is a 20-30% drop in energy usage and up to 100% increased air flow immediately after cleaning.

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