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Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Installation, maintenance and repair, CO2 Blasting Cleaning Services and More

Our experience speaks for us. With over three decades of experience, you can rely on Camtech as your trusted plug for system heat exchange needs. We have a great reputation of delivering safe, reliable and efficient solutions which include but are not limited to the following benefits:

Increased plant operating efficiency

Absence of a regular maintenance schedule can lead to an ACHE’s decline

Regular maintenance is safer for your equipment and personnel

Reduced energy consumption resulting in major cost savings

Fast, economical, and reliable services

Onsite cleaning and maintenance

Outperforms any conventional cleaning method

No difficult disposal requirements of secondary waste or mess

No water proofing of motors, bearing and/or instrumentation

No drying time

Environmentally safe

Can be cleaned and have maintenance performed onsite

High pressure air cleaning

CO2 blast cleaning

Sand/glass bead blasting

Chemical cleaning and soda blasting

We use five patented methods

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger (ACHE)/Fin fan cooler cleaning and optimization.

The major essential function of a Heat Exchanger, is to permit the exchange of heat in the system with the cool air from the surrounding. This is to ensure the maintenance of normal levels of temperature and pressure. After an overtime work rate, waste builds up, the systems are forced to operate with clogged internal mechanisms resulting in heat exchange gaps and compromise its ability to function properly. Our skilled certified team of technicians offer comprehensive inspection, evaluation, maintenance and repair services. At Camtech, you can rely on us for developing and providing suitable maintenance program to ensure your systems operate efficiently.

Dry Ice Blasting

We clean several equipment including but not limited to the following:


Over time, our methods have been of great benefit over others. They include buy not limited to the following: