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We manufacture vapor scrubbers for removal of:


NOVAC Carbon Vessels

The new ‘Standard’ in carbon beds! Introducing the ‘self-dump’ carbon bed with the most safety features available today.
The NOVAC series of carbon beds are the new standard for carbon filtration vessels. These units do not require carbon extraction services (cyclone or vacuum truck) to remove spent carbon media. In addition, with temperature monitoring and emergency water purge system, these are the safest to operate on the market today, hands down!

Find out why companies who use these units NEVER go back to traditional carbon ‘tanks’ ever again. There is nothing on the market like them.

Available for rent or purchase.

The Eliminator

The ELIMINATOR series vapor scrubber units are a completely new approach to scrubbing hydrocarbons and other compounds. These units remove the potential for “stripping” in conventional packed-column scrubber units. The unique internal structure of the ELIMINATOR scrubber units, coupled with ultra-high efficient absorption chemical medias like our Bio-Scrub X make removal efficiencies as high as 98.5% possible. Actual use of the scrubber units in refineries have shown that on average, 1 gallon of Bio-Scrub X is consumed or saturated for every 1 hour of vacuum truck run time. This is average and would not account for a hot stream which had ppm levels in the % range. These units are skid mounted but with slight modifications could be added directly to some vacuum trucks. Unit requires no pumps or utilities to operate. Chemical costs as low as $7.80 per gallon for hydrocarbon applications! We currently have three Eliminator size units available for rent. We have the 450, 550 and the large 5500 models available for rent or purchase. In addition, custom units are available for specific applications and flow rates.

Steel Systems

In addition to our poly units, we offer a host of steel materials as options for our scrubbing systems. 304 and 316 stainless as well as regular carbon steel are available. Even exotic metals are available. Furthermore, we do code and non-code scrubber units and vessels.

If you would like a quote for a system please fill out the contact form at the bottom this page or, you can simply call us at 587-334-2656 and speak with a technical sales member.



Light Industrial Units

We offer a complete line of light industrial vapor scrubber systems. These units usually cost a quarter of what a steel or FRP unit will cost while providing the same performance. These units are made from poly materials which are lightweight, durable, and able to provide years of trouble-free service. They are great for low pressure, corrosive applications such as scrubbing acids, amines, bases, chlorine, and ammonia. If you have such an application, don’t settle for more than what you need. In addition, turnaround time for a new unit is usually no more than 4 weeks.


Frac-Tank Scrubbers

The CSS-18 vapor scrubber is ideal for applications which require a small footprint as well as low pressure drop. These units are available with air pneumatic pump or electric pump. 50 gallon solution reservoir is ideal for small tank applications. High quality powder-coating finishes off the unit.



Venturi Scrubbers

We manufacture venturi vapor scrubber systems. Venturi scrubbers create their own draft therefore do not need a blower.

Many materials of construction available such as FRP, poly, stainless, carbon steel and more. These units may be used for particulate control or for vapor scrubbing and neutralization.





Trailer Mounted Vacuum Truck Units

Vapor Scubbing rents portable trailer mounted scrubber units for vacuum truck emissions. These systems consist of a high efficiency ‘forced induction’ scrubber followed by twin 1000 pound carbon adsorbers. The scrubber unit alone has shown to remove 99.9% of hydrocarbon vapors by itself before chemical starts to become saturated. A unique manifolding system allows the user to switch between the two carbon beds as needed. In addition, each carbon bed has clean-outs, dual temperature gauges and vapor sample ports. Other items such as flame arrestor and grounding cable are also included in standard unit package. Vapor Tech also mounts scrubber units directly to vacuum trucks. Call Vapor Tech if you would like more information on any of these systems.

Chassis Mounted Vapor Scrubber Units

The VTS36-500 is designed for vacuum truck emissions. This system mounts directly behind the cab of a stretched vacuum truck. This system is comprised of a high efficiency liquid vapor scrubber unit (forced-induction) followed by twin, 500# cabon beds. Scrubber alone is capable of 98.5% removal of hydrocarbon vapors (using Bio-Scrub X chemical media). Dual carbon beds following scrubber polish total vapor stream to 99%+ in most cases.

This system includes vapor monitoring points between each component which enables the operator to accurately pinpoint when chemical and/or carbon is becoming spent.

In addition, this unit has safety features unlike any other system on the market. Each carbon bed has dual tempererature gauges for instant core temperature feedback. In addition, the unit is equipped with a water-purge system which when activated, floods each carbon vessel with water to help avoid a fire or unsafe elavate temperature event.

The chemical and carbon medias are very easy to load and unload. This unit does not require carbon extraction services. Each bed has a large valve which when opened will allow carbon to flow out of the vessel. Cleanouts below each vessel allow for cleaning of ‘fines’ and debris which accumulate below the grids.

This system is very versatile and allows the vacuum truck to scrub many types of different vapors. It is merely a function of the chemical media (and carbon in some cases) used in the system. Contact Vapor Technologies, Inc. for help determining which chemical is right for your application.

High Volume Scrubbers (~5500 CFM)

New for 2012 is the Eliminator 5500 Forced-Induction Scrubber Unit. This unit is designed to treat hydrocarbon and other vapors from Air-Movers and GapVac units which typically have exhaust streams around 5500 CFM.

This system has large solution capacity (minimum of 2200 gallons) and requires no utilities to operate. High efficiencies for hydrocarbons and other emissions are possible (99%+) due to the unique distribution system inside the unit as well as the proprietary mist elimination system.

These units require roll-off truck service for delivery and pickup and are available for weekly and monthly rentals.

For hydrocarbons we highly recommend our BIO-SCRUB X chemical media which has been shown to remove 99.9% of VOC’s (gasoline) in this type of system. Spent media in most cases can be reused for fuel or stripped and reused.

Heavy-Duty FRP Units

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) units offer excellent corrosion barrier and strength. We offer these scrubber units for a range of vapors including most corrosive applications. We offer many resin types which enhance the corrosion barrier and life of the unit. Options such as heat tracing, pH control, and ORP are available for these units.


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